Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Somerset

The finishing touch to the total transformation of your roof is when the contractor applies one of the coloured roof coatings selected from the Climashield™ product range. These roof coatings have been specifically developed for use in the UK climate and combine the higest quality liquid pigments with green growth inhibitors and a chemical composition that seals the exterior of the tiles whilst still allowing the roof tile to flex and expel moisture.

The coloured roof coatings are recommended for concrete tiles whilst a clear sealer is advisable for clay and slate tiles.

The contractor will have sheeted up any areas that maybe subjected to limited over spray and will start by applying a top quality biocide to eradicate any sub surface moss and algae spores.

Once the surface has dried out the perimeter of the roof structure will be cut in by hand before an airless sprayer is used to apply a the correct amount of product to the entire roof, the contractor pays close attention to ensuring the tiles are fully penetrated and the product absorbed into the tile structure.

The first coat is a heavier coating and once this has dried a second application is carried out to further enhance the colour retention and protective elements already described.

Following a full site tidy up and a customer walk around this completes the work and leaves you with a wonderful looking roof that makes your home look like new.

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Our extensive database of registered installers ensures complete coverage of Somerset and major towns and villages including Minehead, Bath, Glastonbury, Weston-Super-Mare, Yeovil, Chard, Illminster, Taunton, Burnham-on-Sea and Wells.


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Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Somerset image
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