Roof Cleaning, Roof Repairs & Roof Coating in Somerset.

With so many residential properties and large towns in Somerset we receive many enquiries from homeowners, hotels and guest houses looking for a professional roof cleaning and sealing service. The general UK climate and the coastal conditions experienced through the county all contribute over a period of time to making your roof very dirty and in many situations the heavy growth of moss and lichens can add considerable maintenance issues. If these roof problems are not addressed it could lead to significant but unnecessary expense in the long term. For properties catering for the tourist industry we can make your property stand out from the competition.

We can provide roof cleaning contractors in any town in Somerset such as Cheddar, Glastonbury, Street and Wells. For a FREE roof survey and quotation from one of our professional roof cleaning companies in Somerset. Just call us on 0800 849 9498. If you prefer to send a written request just fill in our online enquiry form


• Makes tiles water resistant.

• Helps to keep roof tiles free from moss and lichen.

• Protects the original colouring of the roof tiles.

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• Filter out damaging UV rays from direct sunlight.

• Makes tiles non-permeable to water.

• Allows water vapour to evaporate quickly.

• Keeps roof tiles flexible in hot and cold conditions preventing cracks appearing.

• Variety of colours available to transform the look of your roof.

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For premises with relatively straight forward access to the roof then a tower or traditional roofing ladders will be utilised, however if the structure is more challenging and the erection of a temporary scaffold system is required this will be installed a day or two prior to the roof clean getting underway. Find Out More
We have access to a number of quality roof cleaning companies in Somerset that offer a complete roof refurbishment service for householders throughout the county including Bath, Minehead, Weston-Super-Mare and Yeovil.
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